Kiettisack International School, Luang Prabang

Kiettisack International School, Luang Prabang

I am the Headmaster of the new, international school that recently opened in Luang Prabang. The school is called Kiettisack International School (KIS) and it was established 20 years ago in the capital city of Vientiane.

Last year, we set up a branch school in Luang Prabang, albeit in temporary accommodation.

Building work began on a superb new campus that's located in a beautiful rural location on the outskirts of the town. That new campus is slated to open at the start of the new school year in September 2013.

For expats with families, providing decent schooling for their children in Luang Prabang was a bit of a problem, but KIS can now offer a solution for all age levels. Our current school intake includes both Lao and expat children.

A little more about myself:

I live and work in south-east Asia since 2002. My family home is in Phuket, Thailand ,where I own several small hotels at the international airport. I was previously employed as Vice-Principal of an international school in Yangon, Myanmar. I'm British, happily divorced several times (!), and have 4 young children. I speak, read and write intermediate Thai, Lao and French.

If anyone is interested to learn more about our school, please contact me by PM.


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